Turn Maindee Pools into youth centre plea (2009)
Turn Maindee Pools into youth centre plea (2009)

Turn Maindee Pools into youth centre plea (2009)

A NEWPORT councillor is campaigning to transform the Maindee Baths building into a youth centre to help stop louts running amok in Newport.

Earlier this week graffiti was daubed on shops and buildings in Maindee triggering calls for police action from locals.

Large white letters painted on shops, bus shelters and walls in the area overnight between Monday and Tuesday.

Some locals are calling for better lighting, cameras and police patrols to prevent further problems.

The graffiti incident took place just days after yobs went on an anti-social rampage smashed eight shop windows causing thousands of pounds of damage.

To help prevent further attacks, Newport councillor Chris Jenkins, wants the former Maindee Pools, which has not been used since the opening of new facilities in sports village, turned into a youth centre.

Her calls come after she spoke to young people while on patrol with police community support officers on Thursday night.

“The kids just want somewhere to go to play pool and cards,” she said. “There are no facilities for young people in the area.”

Gwent Police say they are working closely with community leaders to tackle the ongoing anti-social behaviour and problems with intimidating gangs of youths in the area.

Police are due to step up patrols in the shopping area and are looking into using dispersal orders.

A council spokesman said they would soon carry out a feasibility study on the swimming pool to help decide a future use.

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