Council to sell Maindee Pools (2008)
Council to sell Maindee Pools (2008)

Council to sell Maindee Pools (2008)

A DECISION to sell a much-loved Newport building has come under fire.

Many people have called for the landmark Maindee Pools to be brought back into public use.

It closed down in December 2005 following the opening of the new pool in the Newport Sports Village at Spytty and was seriously damaged by two fires last July.

But Councillor Eddie Burke, cabinet member for resources, has now decided property agents should be instructed to take Maindee Pools to public auction.

Beechwood councillors are unhappy about the move and remained opposed to the sale, said Councillor Jeff Evans.

He alleged there was inadequate consultation with the wider community over the future use of the building which opened in 1938.

“Indeed, the decision to sell was kept secret by this council until the decision was made.”

Councillor Evans added the report considered by Councillor Burke before making his decision contained little reference to a feasibility study ordered “at taxpayers expense” by the council.

“The handling of this iconic Newport landmark has been shambolic from the day its closure was announced,” he accused.

Last August, the council said officers were exploring all possible avenues for the future of the building which was noted for its art deco design.

Argus readers made a number of suggestions for uses including a hydrotherapy centre for people with muscular and mobility problems, but this was ruled out by the authority.

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