Newport city has lost many sporting venues and fields

I WAS interested to read in your paper recently about the city fathers praising themselves for the sporting facilities now available in the town. True, some of these are first class and it was good to hear Sir Chris Hoy praising the Velodrome on television during the Olympics. But are things so rosy? I wonder can anyone add to my list of facilities that have been lost to the city over the last few years?

Two swimming pools have gone, at Stow Hill and Maindee, a cricket ground, hockey pitches and tennis courts have gone from Rodney Parade, cricket pitches, bowling green and other facilities at Llanwern and Orb Works, bowling greens and tennis courts at Standard Telephones, a cricket pitch, tennis courts and other sports pitches at Alcan in Rogestone, tennis courts at Whiteheads grounds in Bassaleg, skittle alleyways at a number of closed pubs and clubs, the Speedway track at Hayley Stadium and finally, Tredegar Park Golf Club’s Bassaleg Road course.

I rest my case!

Peter Jones, Court Gardens, Rogerstone

(Taken from South Wales Argus August 2012)

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